About Us

A Workspace For The Community, By The Community

Our story began in 2017, with a 1400 sq ft ground floor lot and just 4 coworkers – but a bursting passion for community building. Since setting up our first coworking space, INFINITY8 has continued to develop functional and creative spaces to enhance productivity, collaboration, and innovation. We facilitate a rich work experience by redesigning traditional office spaces for optimum connectivity, collaboration and convenience.

Our offices in prime locations mean that every day becomes a harmonious, enviable combo of work, play, and culture. As a coworking space provider, we give you flexible spaces and service solutions for diversified business needs; high-end facilities, quality services, and an open and energetic environment to connect, share, grow and thrive!

Our roots have always been about elevating the standard of work and creating opportunities for our community, bringing in partners like Facebook to run marketing workshops and ultimately push for a more tech-savvy and digital business community.

We look forward to providing an expansive network that our members can leverage to unleash their potential and collectively create maximum value for the city.

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