Return and Refund Policy

1 Follow the agreement will come into force on the Effective Date and will continue in force, unless terminated earlier in accordance with its terms or otherwise by operation of law, for the period of one month(s) ("Initial Term"). The Term will automatically extend for an additional period of one calendar month ("Extended Term") at the end of the Initial Term and at the end of each Extended Term unless terminated in accordance with this Agreement.
2 Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving a minimum of one calendar month(s)’ written notice to the other after the lock-in period specified in Part A of the Membership Agreement, such notice to expire at the end of the Initial Term or any Extended Term. For the avoidance of doubt, the Member may terminate this Agreement on giving one month(s)’ written notice prior to receiving the Membership Benefits. The Member shall not be entitled to reimbursement of any Membership Fees already paid but will not be liable for any further instalments of the Membership Fees.

We may immediately terminate this Agreement at our sole discretion upon the occurrence of any of the following: -

3.1 any breach of this Agreement by the Member and termination by us shall not relieve the Member of his liability to pay any amounts due in respect of the period prior to at termination or sums due in respect of the period up to the date when this Agreement would have (had it not been terminated) Expired;
3.2 the Member becomes bankrupt, insolvent, goes into liquidation or is unable to pay its debts when they fall due;
3.3 the Member"s conduct is incompatible with ordinary office use.

Upon termination of this Agreement by us for any of the reasons set out above, all fees and charges payable in respect of the period up to termination shall become immediately due and payable together with, in the case of termination in accordance with Clause 3 above only, any Membership Fees for the remainder of the Term had we not terminated it.


Prior to the termination of this Agreement the Member shall remove all of their belongings from the INFINITY 8 Location and/or Designated Space and leave the occupied office/desk (as applicable) in a clean and tidy condition. We shall be entitled to dispose of any property remaining in or on the INFINITY 8 Location and/or Designated Space within seven (7) days following termination of this Agreement, and the Member hereby waives, on behalf of itself, all and any claims or demands regarding such property or our handling of such property. The Member shall be responsible to pay any fees reasonably incurred by us in connection with such removal. Following the termination of this Agreement, we will not forward or hold mail or other packages delivered to us.

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